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A fun filled four weeks summer camp came to an end with a grand culmination on Friday,13 June,2019. The environment was filled with giggles, laughter, and excitement with a gathering of most of the parents. The stage was set up with the props related to the theme. The children presented skits, dance, poem recitation and songs. Elder children gave a mesmerizing skit on EARTH: GO GREEN. Parents appreciated and enjoyed seeing their children performing confidently.

The parents appreciated the Tender Kids team for working unanimously and contributing to the education system for betterment of tiny tots. Children were appreciated for their efforts during the summer camp by awarding them certificates. All art work activities were handed over to the children as takeaway which includes - wall hangings, Pen stands, glass paintings, charming father's day cards in their hand made folders. Children bid farewell to their friends with plans of meeting them in the next summer camp session.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs.Abha Agarwal , Principal Tender kids school , followed by light refreshment.